Car maintenance

Of course, your car also needs maintenance, both technically and visually.
We work together with a selected number of independent garages, each of them gives your car the maintenance the car needs.
Naturally, your car can also be maintained at the official brand dealer. We are happy to make your appointments, come pick up your car and deliver it back to you after the maintenance.

Car detailing interior
car detailing
Car detailing

Carwash and detailing

We are also happy to take care of the periodic washing of your car for you, where you can choose between an automatic or manual washing.
The standard wash can be extended with:

  • Vacuuming;
  • Cleaning the windows on the inside;
  • Cleaning leather upholstery, including treatment with nourishing conditioner.

If you want to have your car taken care of, you can opt for our HCS Total Cleaning Package. Your complete car will then be washed by hand, the bodywork will be waxed, all upholstery, windows, seat belts, headrests, boot/trunk, wheel arches and rims will be cleaned. This treatment takes 8-10 working hours.

Car detailing and washing
Car wash
Car detailing and washing

Battery service

Many people do not live here permanently and therefore they come a few times a year to enjoy beautiful Andalusia. This means that the car is stationary and………….. the battery loses power until the inevitable moment that it is empty. We can keep your battery in a perfect condition and, as the icing on the cake, we ensure (max. 3 times) that your car is clean and ready when you return to your home in Andalusia.

Periodic inspection (ITV)

In Spain it is mandatory to have your car inspected every 2 years from the age of 4 and it must be done every year from the age of 10. The inspection of cars can be a very time-consuming activity, this can vary from 30 minutes to sometimes 3-4 hours. We are also happy to take this in hand for you, from making the appointment to the actual inspection. We pick up your car and deliver it back after the inspection.

Environmental sticker

As of 01 January 2023 the law regarding low emissions zones has changed.
It is mandatory to have an environmental sticker on the windscreen of your car. The necessary sticker is provided with your registration number and is therefore easy to check. Avoid fines that can amount up to more than € 250.00 !! We are happy to apply this sticker for you and ensure that it is delivered to you quickly.

Environmental sticker