Buying a car in Spain

This is a hassle if you have to figure it all out yourself, you will probably only be in your (holiday) home for a few consecutive weeks and you do not want to waste time looking at cars, taking test drives, negotiating with the dealer, sorting out insurance, etcetera.

Higuerón Car Service is happy to take over these time-consuming activities for you! Based on budget, further wishes and requirements, we make an extensive selection for you from what is offered in the region, and we present this selection to you in a clear overview. Once you have made your own selection from this overview, we will contact the dealers for a viewing, inspection and test drive. Everything is checked, exterior, interior, maintenance history, damage history, mileage, and so on. We will report to you in detail and discuss with you how to proceed. After making your final choice, we will start the price negotiation.

As soon as the sale has been concluded, we set a date for delivering the car. Of course we will go with you, so you do not have to arrange transport. We work according to the “no cure, no pay” principle; when we don´t succeed finding you a car that fits you, we don´t charge you any money. How good is that !

Import and registration

Importing a car can be a complicated process, especially if you are not familiar with all the steps. We take away all your worries and import your car for you and keep you informed of all the steps we take, such as applying for import documents, first global optical and VIN inspection, having the official inspection carried out at an ITV station, mounting your new number plates and, as a bonus, your car will receive a thorough wash, so that your car can start the Spanish adventure clean and shiny.

Renting a car

Renting a car is not cheap, especially if you want to stay in your house/apartment for several weeks or months. When renting, one often has to deal with “hidden” costs, such as extra insurances with high excess, very high prices for so-called additional kilometers and in summer season rents can go through the roof ! So, maybe you should buy a car here or bring your own car to beautiful Andalucía; we´re always ready to help you.